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The Bee's Knees

Most of us are very aware of the many theories of what might be causing the extremely alarming case of the mysterious bee disappearance. Some of these theories include the overuse of pesticides and herbicides, viruses or mites, loss during commercial hive transportation, interference of bees’ flight/communication capabilities from cell phones and last but not least, nutritional stress due to fewer available native plants. We find this to be a very scary situation that all people should be aware of… and care about.


Campion Walker Owner and Principal Designer Nicholas Walker is an avid bee fan and supporter.  So much so, that he even keeps bees at his home in Topanga Canyon, where they live happily among his farm animals, dogs and kids thriving in a beautiful bee friendly garden.

We feel a responsibility to do our part to support our incredibly vital bee population and often create gardens with the bee’s livelihood in mind.  One thing we know for certain, is that creating a sustainable, native garden is one of the small steps we can take to do our part and help save or very important bees. We are extremely proud that this is something we can actively participate in within our practice.