North of Montana Avenue

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Empty Nets

Our clients came to us to help them fill the space in the backyard left unused in the absence of their two kids, one of whom is off to law school, and the other has simply moved into her own place.

So we worked with their designer to bring out the cottage style of the home’s architecture. We replaced the hedge with a higher fence for better privacy, and matched the coping along the front of the house to the color of the new pool deck. The grill area was redone with stainless steel storage drawers and a single piece, bluestone counter top that cleans easier and has more counter space.

The basketball court was replaced with an inviting lounge and patio area, a firepit, sofa and lovely, voluminous wicker armchairs (notice the handle recesses, woven into the backs of the chairs for easier movement?).

The pavers in the patio area are all from a single block of concrete that we formed and then custom-fractured to create that look, and I’m told that we tried every single setting and orientation for those chaise lounges by the pool before selecting one, though we know perfectly well it will probably be undone eventually, never to be replaced. But we care about these details.

Our design altered this yard so drastically that not a single plant was left unchanged from the previous layout, excepting the birch tree in the far corner of the yard, which is hardly unchanged itself. To that tree, we added two more birch, to suit the client’s taste for them, and created our own California version of an ‘English country garden,’ full of color and life, but using predominantly native and drought tolerant plant selections.

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